Installing and Repairing Intercom Systems

An intercom is not is not just a telephone for internal Intercom-Systemcommunications, but it can be used like a normal telephone too. It is of great advantage having an Intercom System in the office as staff who require to communicate with each other, can do so from their work spot and do not need to meet. It can also be used as an external telephone device. A log of calls made can also kept.

Our company has long years of experience in the field of installing and repairing Intercom Systems. We can supply and install intercoms for both home and commercial applications. Once you let us know your needs, we can do an assessment and suggest a suitable Intercom System for you.

We deal in both audio and video intercoms and can supply intercoms from leading brands such as Alphone, Dvice and Urmet. Contact us and we will be glad to assist in the installation and repairing of your Intercom System.

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