Home Safes - Commerical Fire Safes

Safes are one of the most important places to store jewellery, valuables and documents. It should be so secure that only an authorized person has access to them. To install, repair, refurbish or at times open safes require a high degree of expertise and skill and this is one of our specialties.

We have a very good track record in this area and have worked on safes located in homes as well as safes in high security areas. We have different types of Safes, include Home Safes, Fire Safes as well as Safes in high security areas. SOS Lock & Security have been acknowledged as one of the foremost experts in this field.

We supply the following safes and accessories and offer these services:

  • CMI
  • Wormwald
  • S&G, Ross safe lock products
  • Repair and refurbish an old safe.
  • Open and repair Home Safes and Fire Safes.
  • Supply and installation of new dial combination locks.
  • Supply and installation of digital safe locks.
  • Upgrade your safe from a dial safe lock to a digital key pad lock.

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