CCTV Systems - Installing and Repairing CCTV

Closed Circuit TV is widely used in homes, offices, hospitals, CCTV-Systemsrailway stations, airports etc. By using CCTV Systems you can constantly monitor the building, thus ensuring security. The CCTV cameras can be placed at strategic locations to ensure that all areas of the building are covered. If you do not need such extensive surveillance, you can just cover the areas that you want, such as the entrance.
We have been in the field of installing and repairing CCTV Systems for many years and have lots of expertise in this field. We will advice and guide you as to which camera is suitable for your needs. We deal in CCTV Systems of all types suited for homes or large commercial establishments.

We have a wide array of CCTV’s such as DVR recording devices, dome cameras, IR cameras day/night cameras, IP cameras, motion activation cameras in a wide array of leading brands such as Ganz, Sony and Samsung. Contact us and we will be glad to assist.

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