Access Control Systems

Access-Control-SystemsIn some areas access may be restricted or a track has to be maintained as to who has entered or exited the restricted area, along with the time. This calls for the installation of Access Control Systems. We have wide expertise in this area and can design a system that is suitable to your needs.

The products and services we offer in the field of Access Control are:

  • Complete designing and installation of Access Control Systems depending on your needs.
  • Standalone Mechanical keypads for access/exit.
  • Hard wired, non monitored key pad entry systems.
  • Swipe card systems.
  • Bio Metric finger print system.
  • Access Control Systems that leave a full audit trail.
  • Computer based access control systems that can cover from 1 to 100 doors, giving you full control over staff movement and the ability to restrict their entrance as required.
  • We will assess and give you a free quote as to what type of Access Control Systems is suitable for your needs.

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