Brisbane Security Products at SOS Lock & Security

SOS Lock & Security offers the following Brisbane Security Products:



Safes are one of the most important places to store jewellery, valuables and documents. It should be so secure that only an authorized person has access to them. To install, repair, refurbish or at times open safes require a high degree of expertise and skill and this is one of our specialties. We have a very good track record in this area. We have worked on different types of safes, including home safes, fire safes as well as safes in high security areas.. SOS Lock & Security have been acknowledged as one of the foremost experts in this field.


Access Control

In some areas access may be restricted or a track has to be maintained as to who has entered or exited the restricted area, along with the time. This calls for the installation of Access Control Systems. We have wide expertise in this area and can design a system that is suitable to your needs.



Closed Circuit TV is widely used in homes, offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports etc. By using CCTV Systems you can constantly monitor the building, thus ensuring security. The CCTV cameras can be placed at strategic locations to ensure that all areas of the building are covered. If you do not need such extensive surveillance, you can just cover the areas that you want, such as the entrance.



An intercom is not is not just a telephone for internal communications, but it can be used like a normal telephone too. It is of great advantage having an Intercom System in the office as staff who require to communicate with each other, can do so from their work spot and do not need to meet. It can also be used as an external telephone device. A log of calls made can also kept.

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