Domestic - Locksmith in Brisbane


When you are moving into a new building or if your tenant has vacated the premises, you cannot be sure that all the keys and/or duplicates have been returned to you. This will make the building or home a security risk for the new occupant. This is when you would be requiring the services of a Locksmith in Brisbane and this is where we come in, we can solve this by rekeying all the locks. The old keys will not work after rekeying. If all the locks have the same key, then it is possible to make a single master key to fit all the locks. This is a very convenient option. We can replace or repair locks that are damaged.

After making an assessment of your security needs, your Locksmith in Brisbane will supply and install a range of Dead Bolts, Dead Locks, Entrance, Passage and Privacy sets. We can install a ‘peep hole’ so that you can see who is at the door. We are experts in security door locks and cylinders. The other types of locks we deal in are window locks of all types, patio bolts for sliding doors and sliding glass door locks.

These are some of the products we deal in and services we offer:

  • Lockwood 001 dead lock.
  • Lockwood 355 deadlock.
  • Brava entrance, passage and privacy sets.
  • Whitco Tasman MK2 & MK3 security door locks.
  • Whitco Lichardt sliding door security locks.
  • Whitco window locks for aluminium, sliding windows and casement windows.
  • Whitco patio bolts.
  • Lockwood 680 patio bolts.
  • Whitco, Blaxland , Mawson and Doric sliding glass door locks.

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